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Columnist: One Vote Can Change Everything

In our democracy, one vote can change everything. That’s why every single vote is so important.

There’s never been a more important time to get out and vote. The stakes have never been higher. There are candidates on the ballot who represent us and who will make decisions that will affect our lives. Over the next few days, you may need to make a crucial decision about whom will you vote for.

Why Your Voice Must Be Heard

When the founding fathers created our country, they designed our democratic system so that we all have a voice and that we all have a say in how our government works. One of the most important parts of this system is the right to vote. But now more than ever, we need to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. That’s why it is so important that you take the time to go to the polls on November 19th and exercise your right to vote.

Voter turnout has been declining in Malaysia lately, as seen in Melaka and Johor state elections. Fewer and fewer Malaysia get out to the polls as shown in those two state elections. And the consequences are serious. With low voter turnout, politicians ignore the needs of their constituents and are more focused on their interests than on serving the public good.

In addition to that, (first timer voter) Malaysian youth aged 18 and above need to cast their ballot during election season because it’ll help them make the most important decision of their life – choosing their next Prime Minister, political party or representative. Your vote matters! It can make a tremendous difference in the lives of the people and the country. It can even change the course of history.

Having the right to vote is one of the most important privileges of being a Malaysian citizen. It is one of the most important rights that we have as citizens. Photo: Air Times

Remember what happened in 2008? That was the year when Obama was elected President, the first African American to hold this office. Millions of people voted for him –every single vote made all the difference! Your voice needs to be heard at the polls. Make sure you exercise your right to vote this Saturday and be a part of the history of Malaysia.

Having the right to vote is one of the most important privileges of being a Malaysian citizen. It is one of the most important rights that we have as citizens. In fact, in most countries, people do not have the right to vote! They don’t have the privilege of choosing their leaders and their governments. So the fact that we have the right to vote is truly a blessing! We have so much to be thankful for in this country and we have many freedoms that many other people around the world do not enjoy.

However, it is important to be aware of the importance of voting. It is up to us to exercise this right and use it properly and responsibly. Voting is a right and not just a privilege. In addition, you should not let any political differences keep you from voting. You should always vote for the candidate or the party that you think best represents your interests, regardless of whether you think they are perfect or not.

The people you choose to vote for should be people whom you believe in and trust. Trustworthiness and honesty are important qualities in any leader that you choose to support. The most important thing is that you can fully inform yourself about the candidates and their policies so that you can make the best decision for yourself when the time comes to vote.

But always remember that even though you have the right to vote, many people are unable to cast their ballot for a variety of reasons. If you are not able to vote due to several factors such as sickness and being away on the day, you need to spread the word and encourage other people to vote!

On these remaining days, I urge the people and candidates to remain calm and avoid any provocations. As civilized citizens, we must learn to agree to differ. Voting should be done thoughtfully because it will determine the nation’s future trajectory. Let’s try to keep our future from being unpleasant. Voters should be wise in sifting out all of the information presented. Use reasonable reasoning without bias.

Pick those with powerful souls who perceive the future and have visions that go beyond it. Don’t make the future of yourself, your family and your country at risk.

For those who are already starting to think about not going out to vote in this GE-15, think twice, because one vote can change everything. Some of us may assume it is just a vote, yet with just one vote, we may make a major difference in our lives and future.

As evidence of the importance of one vote, let’s flip the historical fold:

  • In 1649, a single vote saved King Charles of England from being executed;
  • 1839, a single vote led to Marcus Morton being appointed governor of  Massachusetts, United States of America;
  • 1845, one vote allowed Texas to join the United States Confederation.
  • 1868, one vote saved President Andrew Johnson from being punished.
  • 1923, a one-vote advantage led to Adolf Hitler being appointed president of the Nazi party.

Let’s make Malaysia a pure democratic country, so we Malaysian can pick our leaders without manipulation by one party or another. So let us all fulfil our responsibilities as the determinant of the nation’s direction.

Our votes are valuable.  Votes cannot be sold.  So, vote for those who know to make Better MALAYSIA. – airtimes.my

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