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Significant innovation vital to thwart non-traditional threats

by M.Daim

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 MAY – To effectively address the challenges of non-traditional security threats, significant investments in new ideas, efforts and resources were imperative.

Making the call, Malaysian Defence Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said the causal effect of non-traditional security threats accelerated the pace for holistic solutions.

He added that such threats came with challenges characterised by rapidly evolving dynamics that demanded transformative and game-changing ideas, inter-agency collaboration and transnational networks.

“We must up the ante of our defence diplomacy by keeping tabs on the current predicament and leveraging the advantages offered by emerging technologies.

“It is time to accelerate creative and effective defence solutions, embedded in responsible technological adoption.

“It ultimately advances shared security interests and strengthens defence capabilities,” Khaled said in his keynote address themed ‘Non-Traditional Threats and Emerging Technologies’ at the Putrajaya Forum in conjunction with the ‘18th Defence Services Asia 2024’ and ‘National Security (NatSec) Asia 2024’ exhibition and conference at the Malaysian International Trade and Exhibition Centre.

Khaled added that new technologies offering practical solutions should be the epicentre of diplomatic ties and international partnership negotiations.

“Technologies such as satellite and cyber security innovations have enabled enhanced real-time communication and information-sharing among military and defence personnel.

“Having effectively streamlined coordination and expedited decision-making, these technologies warrant our dedicated research and investment focus.

“Addressing non-traditional security risks requires prioritising resources for the much younger generation.

“With their keen interest and familiarity with emerging technology, the younger generation can offer fresh insights and perspectives.

“Investing in the next generation will ensure that they are equipped to navigate future challenges,” Khaled said.

He believed non-traditional threats demanded extraordinary solutions, whereby the emerging technologies had transitioned from novelty to necessity.

“They stand as household names which continuously redefine the financial, healthcare and education ecosystem around the world,” Khaled said.

He called out for all to be vigilant for ‘Generative AI’ (artificial intelligence) omnipotent applications that not only accentuated their role in people’s daily lives but that which determined their digital destinies.

He warned that emerging robotics and drone industries that were once Hollywood’s imagination, were now cheap to own, accessible to all and havd revolutionised warfare. – airtimes.my

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