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Anwar: Carpe diem to showcase the world

by Adrian David

KUALA LUMPUR, 13th May – Malaysian defence industries were urged to carpe diem by seizing the available opportunities, to showcase their capabilities and innovations on the global stage.

The clarion call came from Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who urged the multitude of security and defence industries to rise to the occasion, forge ahead and be a world player.

“To our local defence industries, I say to you, carpe diem. “Seize this opportunity to showcase our capabilities, innovations, technological advancements and collaborative spirit on the global stage.

“Your dedication and ingenuity have been instrumental in shaping Malaysia’s defence landscape, and now is the time to demonstrate your expertise,” Anwar said at the ‘18th Defence Services Asia (DSA) and National Security (Natsec) Asia 2024’.

Anwar emphasised the pivotal role of industry players in shaping Malaysia’s defence landscape and urged them to capitalise on this global platform.

“I take pride to see he dedication and ingenuity of local industry players and their significant contributions to Malaysia’s defence sector.

“Now is the time to demonstrate your expertise. Let your pavilions stand as beacons of excellence, highlighting not just our technological prowess but also our commitment to collaboration and partnership.

“I urge participants to come together, share knowledge, innovate, exchange technologies and ideas, and forge partnerships, with emphasis on the interconnected nature of challenges in the defence industry,” said Anwar when addressing on the event’s theme ‘Building Resilient Nations for the Next Generation’.

Anwar emphasised the importance of laying the groundwork for a better world where future generations could thrive in peace, supported by robust defences and strategic partnerships.

“There is the need for this theme to resonate globally, especially amid escalating global challenges threatening collective security and prosperity.

“Increasing cyberattacks are compromising sensitive data and environmental concerns are exacerbating tensions,” he said. – airtimes.my

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