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Preserving peace via regional and global cooperation

by Adrian David

KUALA LUMPUR, 7th May – As the world faced a barrage of multifaceted non-conventional security threats, regional and global security cooperation were paramount to the preservation of global peace.

Stressing on this, Turkiye Deputy Defence Minister Dr Celal Sami Tüfekçi said it was vital for neighbouring countries to cooperate to overcome such challenges – ranging from ploys of extremist groups to transnational threats like pandemics, cyber-attacks and drug trafficking.

Tüfekçi said that by working together to address these shared threats, the world could overcome political differences and build a future based on human security and cooperation.

“We can transition from a world marked by division to foster collaboration and pave the way for a more equitable and harmonious future.

“While global geopolitical rivalries appear to be intensifying worldwide, Turkiye remains convinced that the potential for cooperation between nations is still strong enough to help mitigate global security,” Tüfekçi said at the ‘7th Putrajaya Forum’ titled ‘Non-Traditional Threats and Emerging Technologies’ in conjunction with the ‘Defence Services Asia (DSA) and National Security (NATSEC) Asia 2024’ at Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre.

Tüfekçi added that transnational threats, be they conventional or non-conventional, might cause global ripple effects given the inter-dependancy of the world today.

“The dispute erupting in one corner of the globe can have ripple effects, sparking tensions or even triggering new conflicts in seemingly distant regions,” said Tüfekçi.

He cited Africa as an example, which was disproportionately affected by the collapse of the ‘Green Corridor Agreement’, which ended following increased tension in the region.

“I call upon all parties to forge collaboration through dialogue and commitment, to shared security in efforts to mitigate the impacts of instability,” Tüfekçi concluded.

The Putrajaya Forum served as a global platform aimed at convening policymakers, think tanks, as well as defence and security agencies from the regional and global community. – airtimes.my

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