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Ameerul emerges top air commando

by Air Times Correspondent

ROMPIN, 6 NOV – Lieutenant Ameerul Danial Noridan emerged tops in the Royal Malaysian Air Force commando course at the Rantau Panjang Beach in Kuala Rompin, Pahang.

Ameerul, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic and Defence Studies at the Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia, was among 27 trainees from the ‘Commando Course Series 30/23’ who successfully completed the mission.

Initially, 53 personnel of all ranks underwent the one-month pre-course training from June 25 at the Bukit Jugra RMAF station in Banting, Selangor.

Out of this, 43 were eligible to attend the final composition at the RMAF Combat Training School in Bukit Ibam, Kuala Rompin from July 24 to Oct 23.

The course was conducted by the school’s commanding officer Lieutenant-Colonel Raymond Radsung and chief instructor Major Muhammad Fauzee Kamaruddin.

RMAF chief General Tan Sri Mohd Asghar Khan Goriman Khan presented the successful 27 with their ‘Paskau’ (Air Special Forces) blue berets.

The RMAF in a statement said that the presentation of the blue beret was a symbol of pride of the ‘Paskau’ members.

Asghar had highlighted how Paskau had the expertise and capability to perform rapid deployment, air rescue and combat operations, special protection, reconnaissance, anti-sabotage, anti-hijacking, target-marking missions and countering asymmetric threats.

He urged Paskau members to safeguard and properly maintain their equipment so that they could be used optimally.

The modernisation of Paskau, he had said, was part of the RMAF’s ‘CAP55’ long-term, capability enhancement development plan.

The 35-year plan, which took off in 2021, is targeted to fully modernise the RMAF when it matures in the year 2055.

Asghar recalled how the RMAF Regiment had evolved from the previously known Handau into Paskau on April 1, 2002.

“This was done in line with the transformation of the RMAF through the advancement in technology and development of its war strategy.

“Through the years, Paskau’s role changed from being a provost physical security and land defence unit for RMAF bases into a special operations-tasked force.

“Its role was also upgraded by the National Security Council to deal with the threat from terrorism,” said Asghar.

After 21 years recognition, Asghar was proud to see Paskau standing on level terms with the Armed Forces other elite units like the Army’s special operations group and the Royal Malaysia Navy’s special forces (Paskal).

He however, wanted to see Paskau’s future to be viewed more constructively to that it ded not lag behind in terms of the RMAF’s overall modernisation.

Asghar hoped to Paskau feature equally in the acquisition of modern assets to meet the special operational needs of the RMAF, along its ‘CAP55’ objectives. – airtimes.my

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