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Transforming the Armed Forces into the 4th dimension by 2030

by Air Times Correspondent

KUALA LUMPUR, 5 NOV – The Malaysian Armed Forces will be transformed into an integrated, agile and future-focused fourth-dimensional force by the year 2030.

Chief of Defence Forces General Tan Sri Mohammad Abdul Rahman said this was in line with the nation’s Defence White Paper to fortify the Armed Forces and safeguard our sovereignty.

In delivering his supreme command as the 22nd Chief of Defence Forces, Mohammad said that charting the government’s philosophy was very important in our lives as it would be a guide and reference to all leaders.

“This will translate into results when executing tasks and directives to be in tandem with the government’s architectural landscape,” he said when delivering his supreme command at the Sungai Besi camp.

Mohammad said his supreme command focussed on four core philosophies, beginning with strengthening capabilities and readiness towards the force of the future.

He said that based on the (2019) ‘Defence White Paper’, the national military strategy had been launched on Sept 26 last year as the top strategic document to manifest the primary and secondary roles for the Army as a national shield.

“In order to execute the role efficiently and effectively, the Army needs to take a comprehensively structured approach.

“At the same time, it will need to improve capacity and the ability to execute joint operations effectively.

“Additionally, it has to perform mission-oriented tasks and use current technology with emphasis on force-response capabilities supported by sustainable logistics,” he said.

Mohammad recommended the establishment of a future-force development committee, as a sustainable authority to defend the country simultaneously.

The committee, he said, would be responsible for evaluating the acquisition of new assets that comply with ‘integration, inter-operability, technology based, mission oriented, able to operate simultaneously and logistics efficiency’.

“As we move towards the ‘Fourth Dimension Malaysian Armed Forces’ (4DMAF), we must progress according to the national military strategy.

“There will be reforms and restructuring of existing organisations.

“A comprehensive review and transformation of operations, training and doctrine will be carried out to ensure leaders, financing and equipment become the core elements by 2030.

“The Joint Force headquarters will be given the responsibility to survey, plan and re-empower all Army operations to sustain cohesiveness.

“The combat skills of personnel will be improved through intensive and effective training, a systematic management and high commitment from all levels – along the ‘man, machine and method’ synergy,” Mohammad said.

He added it was also vital to strengthen the human capital into a positive and progressive force holistically, to face the challenges of social issues in the daily lives of soldiers in a progressive and cultivated manner.

This, he said, called for improving their capabilities and knowledge in the technical fields, while strengthening their emotional stability towards adhering to heroic ethos.

“We ought to inculcate divine values and enhance human relations, so as to integrate the military with society during ‘military operations other than war’.

“All these with the government’s desire and aspirations in realising a new horizon of hope,” Mohammad said.

He added that the military, through the territorial army, must also strengthen its relationships with other enforcement agencies.

“The concept of ‘whole of government and whole of society’ should be given serious attention through agencies like the territorial army.

“National sovereignty is our common responsibility,” Mohammad said. – airtimes.my

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